Guidance for the Georgia Tertiary Permit from Sullins Engineering, LLC.

Example Tertiary Permit:
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The purpose of a tertiary permit is to satisfy the Georgia EPD requirement of providing an erosion control plan that shows the erosion control measures that will take place on buildable lots and who will be accountable for putting those measures in place. Each individual lot in a subdivision must be under a primary permittee or a tertiary permittee. A Level IIA/engineer designs an erosion control plan for each lot and it is up to the permitee to comply with that plan. This means that you, as the builder, will become responsible as the tertiary permitee.

The tertiary permit entails a requirement of a three phase erosion control plan.  Each county/city also has additional requirements for each submittal that will be provided.  At minimum, the following will be provided to you with each tertiary permit submittal:

  1. Completed county/city building permit application
  2. Completed GA EPD tertiary plan review checklist
  3. Completed SWCC cover sheet
  4. Completed NOI (notice of intent) ready for submittal
  5. Finally, a completed tertiary permit plan ready for submittal.

You will NOT need a permit if all of the following apply:

  1. you are not in a subdivision
  2. you are disturbing less than one acre
  3. you are further than 200ft from a creek or water impoundment
  4. If a primary permittee already exists

My name is Matthew W. Sullins, owner of Sullins Engineering, LLC. I have worked as a Professional Civil Engineer collaboration with W.T. Dunahoo & Associates in Georgia for over twenty years.

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